How much do you know about water in California?  What are the changes we can expect from climate change?  What are the options for conservation and recycling?  Do we know enough about dams and groundwater, desalination and pipelines?

Are we doing what we really need to do?

Join us for a conversation with Ray Hiemstra, Associate Director of Programs at Orange County Coastkeeper.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

6:30 pm – Refreshments, meet & greet
7:00 pm – Program
7:45 pm – Discussion


The Duck Club (Irvine Ranch Water District 1)
15 Riparian View
Irvine, CA 92612

Note:  Due to construction, access via Riparian View off Michelson is now closed.  The only entrance is through Campus drive.  Please follow the driving directions below.

Driving directions to the Duck Club

From Jamboree, go south on Michelson.

  • Pass the old entrance and continue to Harvard.
  • Turn right on Harvard.
  • At University Drive turn right again.
  • At Campus, turn right and stay in the far right lane, which leads to the right turn to the Duck Club.

From Culver, pass Michelson and continue on to University.

  • Turn right and continue to Campus Drive.
  • Here’s the tricky part: When leaving, it’s right turn only onto Campus.
  • Take Campus directly north to Jamboree for access to the 405.
  • Along the way, Carlson cuts across to Michelson for an easy return to Culver and vicinity.


Free admission

About Ray Hiemstra

Ray HiemstraRay Hiemstra has spent the last fourteen years at Orange County Coastkeeper working to preserve, protect, and restore coastal and inland water quality and habitat. As Associate Director of Programs, his work includes water quality advocacy, policy development, Marine Protected Areas, species and habitat restoration and water and sediment monitoring. Ray is also an active Sierra Club member and is a lifetime resident of Orange County.

About OCCA

Orange County for Climate Action is a recently formed alliance with Living Ubuntu and United Nations Association of Orange County as founding partners. Our mission is to raise awareness, educate, increase collaboration, empower and motivate ourselves and others in Orange County to take actionable steps to reduce climate change and become better stewards of our environment.

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