UNA-USA is an organization that seeks to advance citizen support for the United Nations’ peacekeeping and development programs.  Our UNA Orange County Chapter considers part of our mission is to raise awareness and advance local efforts to reduce Orange County’s carbon footprint and to educate the public on UN environmental and climate programs.  Therefore, we pledge:

In our educational programs:

  • Include topics on climate change, mitigation and adaptation
  • Include topics on the Millennium Development Goals (to 2015) and the Sustainable Development Goals (post 2015)
  • Model  and encourage local action for global goals
  • Advocate for UN programs to achieve a sustainable environment globally
  • Raise awareness of the urgency for action
  • Advocate for individual action
  • Advocate for US environmental and climate policies

In our events:

  • Encourage servings of foods/snacks/beverages of low-carbon footprint, such as vegetarian/ vegan/and minimally processed items.
  • Encourage  small portions and reduce food waste
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of plastics (includes no Styrofoam, individual water bottles)
  • Use eco-friendly items (plates, tableware, etc.)
  • Recycle all that is recyclable
  • Reduce water usage
  • Carpool when possible
  • Promote the use of public transportation and bicycling if practicable
  • When feasible,  plan locations to reduce travel time to participants
  • Upon leaving site, turn off lights and other unnecessary appliances (discuss with hosting institution)

In our public and within-Board communications:

  • Minimize use of paper
  • Maximize digital and internet communications
  • Reduce electric use by powering down our computers

In our Council of Organizations and other networks collaborate with NGOs that:

  • Work to minimize society’s carbon footprint
  • Work to protect healthy eco-systems
  • Promote alternative energies
  • Work to slow world population growth


For more information, visit out website at http://www.una-oc.org.