Statement of Trav Williams

As people of faith we are called to treat all of creation with reverence and respect. We are inspired to be good stewards and take actions to protect and preserve the great gifts we have been given. Since everything in creation is connected, when one of us suffers we all suffer.
Our faith community accepts the overwhelming scientific consensus that global climate change is real, primarily caused by human activity, and poses imminent and dangerous threats to every part of creation.

Individual actions, while commendable, are not enough to mitigate current climate disruptions and prevent catastrophic consequences. We must engage in effective and comprehensive action to provide the hope of a livable, sustainable future for our children and our grandchildren.

Creation knows no borders, and solutions will require international governmental action. We call on all people of faith to raise their voices and engage with their legislative leaders. We advocate for putting a price on carbon to reduce the use of fossil fuels & catapult the development of alternative fuels.

As people of faith, in partnership with our creator, we can move mountains. We commit to taking action to ensure environmental equality and justice for all.

Bio of Trav Williams

Trav Williams is president of the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment. He is afinancial advisor specializing in socially responsible investing and an adjunct business professor. Trav is a California native who has lived in Orange County with his wife and children since 1998 and is committed to raising awareness on climate change and environmental justice.