Statement of OCCA member Roger Gloss

Climate change poses an imminent and dire threat to continued life on earth as we have known it. Climate change is a particularly thorny problem because it is an inconvenient byproduct of the industrial revolution (with its undeniable past contributions to human progress), capitalism driven by over-consumption, mass production, and globalization.

The body of science behind climate change has evolved over more than three decades, and consensus among scientists is approaching near-certainty, yet the economic forces resisting global action to mitigate its adverse consequences are formidable. In this sense, climate change is unique among challenges that civilization has faced in the past.

Climate activists increasingly believe that only a mass movement of people all over the globe – in the streets – demanding action – will force our political leaders to act. Thus the global call by environmental groups for rallies on the weekend of November 29, 2015, in support of the upcoming COP21 international climate talks in Paris. We in Orange County for Climate Action are proud to be part of that mass movement. To change everything it takes everyone.


Roger Gloss is a fifty-year resident of Southern California. He holds a B.S. degree in Physics from UCLA and is married with two daughters and four grandchildren. Roger recently retired from a career in information technology and is now a novelist, blogger, and dedicated climate activist.