Statement of Candice Nunez, QGITS, Climate Reality Project

Our planet that we share is beautiful and vast. Yet our atmosphere is fragile and vulnerable to pollution caused by fossil fuel CO2 emissions, methane, agriculture and deforestation. We are thickening the greenhouse gas layer and global warming has increased by 40% since pre industrial times. The science is clear: when we burn dirty fuels like oil and coal, we are polluting our air and warming our planet.

Global warming is causing extreme weather events globally. There’s a disruption of the water cycle with more evaporation from the oceans into the atmosphere that is causing intense rain downpours that are bigger than ever producing major flooding. Snow and glaciers are melting. Droughts & floods are getting worse. The same heat causing more evaporation from the oceans is also responsible for the floods that is also dehydrating water from the land causing longer droughts.

We can all help mitigate climate change and prevent emission of greenhouse gases by using new technologies, changing our consumer habits, being more energy efficient and using alternative solutions like solar and wind power renewable energies. By using renewable energies we are getting rid of dirty energy that causes polluting air. climate change mitigation is something we can all do together globally, universally that will just help us move towards a low-carbon society and cleaner air for our kids and future generations to enjoy.

We can also bring in solutions into our schools by providing our youth eco-stem and steam curriculum and activities focusing on mitigating the impacts of climate change.
Tomorrow is the United Nations COP21 summit negotiations in Paris on climate change where the expected outcome is a new international agreement on climate change among 190 countries. Today we are here to support the negotiations in Paris for climate justice and to bring awareness that we can all make a difference in our community, work, schools and everyday lives.