Orange County for Climate Action (OCCA)

We are a grassroots activist network striving to address the threat of global climate change and mitigate its harmful effects through local action in Orange County.

Our mission

To raise awareness, educate, empower, energize, and build a movement for climate action in Orange County; to take positive, specific steps, through local action, to mitigate harmful effects of climate change and, through our personal behavior, strive to set examples of environmental stewardship.

Get involved

To join the discussion, you can connect with us at:

  • Join us at our monthly planning meetings. See our meetings page for details.
  • Facebook – We discuss relevant news and articles at this open, public Facebook group.
  • Google Group – A email forum for all behind-the-scenes planning and discussions for OCCA.  To send an email to all members, simply email:

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Contact us

Questions?  Email us at – info [at]